Tag: Deep House

  • 2020.08 – Sounds of Selekta Recordings

    Way back in the early days of the interwebz, I was part of an online magazine: Selekta. Over the years, the magazine faded away, but my bruddy Dennis Lowry kept the name alive with a web-based record label. With over 100 years and 15+ years of good vibes, he asked me to put together a mix for their upcoming podcast and release on the label. All of these, except for my edits, are available wherever you buy awesome House music.

  • 2018.08 – Live From The OC #3 – August

    Prog, techno, house, dub house...this mix has it all. Enjoy.

  • 2011.10 – Promo Mix: 1011

    From tracks that came out in the 90s to this month, this is all house, tech house and deep house. Some of my mates in San Fran and Denver will […]

  • 2011.04 – Promo Mix: 0411

    It’s been a while since I made a house/tech house mix, so here’s one to remind you that old or new, good house music is just that: good house music.

  • 2000.02 – Dedicated To Those Rockstar Nights (February)

    Recorded @ a loft party in at 4AM, deep into a rockstar night with friends.