2021.09 – Little Helpers Label Mix

Little Helpers is a label you’ve probably never heard of, but it’s one of the most diverse and prolific in the Techno/House community. Releases don’t have names, only numbers and the styles span the gamut from Minimal Techno to Breakbeat, but the sweet spot tends to be Tech House. The tracks are best used for transition or layer mixing, so some may find this mix boring, but that’s the point.

2021.05 – LAXno – Techno from DTLA (May)

Los Angeles has THE BEST underground Techno scene in America today and now that events are starting to get scheduled again, I thought it was time to share a mix to get you back into the swing of things. Deep, heady, chin-stroking Techno, with bits of fury and it all ends on a pretty note. And YES…there are really Freak Chakra and RITM tunes in there. I edited a few of the tunes before mixing, so they’d blend better with my style. Enjoy!

2021.01 – DNB 4 2021

I like my Drum & Bass like I like my caves: deep, dark and a little creepy. Full of tight percussion, nasty synths and the occasional vocal element, this is 72 minutes of new tracks I’m really diggin. I hope you enjoy