Tag: House

  • Promo Mix: 1012

    Lots of trancy-pants house and deep, pretty stuff this month. Guess I’m getting soft at my old age. 😉

  • Promo Mix: 0812

    I’m pretty happy with this mix, so I put up a 320k file, instead of 192. It goes from house, to almost techno and there’s some brokenbeat/dubstep in there too.

  • Promo Mix: 0612

    This month is a deeper house and tech house mix, but I threw in that Trentmoeller tune in there because I love it and felt it vibed with the style.

  • Promo 0212 (Selekta Podcast)

    This is a mix I made for Selekta Recordings’ podcast app and website. This mix is pure funky, fun house music with some disco mixed in. I sometimes forget just […]

  • Promo Mix: 0112

    Lots of big room techno this month, but a transition into some funky house, ending on a deeper tech house vibe. Doesn’t seem like the styles would jive, but I […]

  • The Sound of Seattle (2011)

    This is an impromptu mix with a lot of new material and, to me, it exemplifies the diversity and amazing DJ/EDM music scene my favorite city has to offer. I […]

  • Promo Mix: 1011

    From tracks that came out in the 90s to this month, this is all house, tech house and deep house. Some of my mates in San Fran and Denver will […]

  • Promo Mix: 0411

    It’s been a while since I made a house/tech house mix, so here’s one to remind you that old or new, good house music is just that: good house music.

  • Promo Mix: 1010 (Oktoberhaus)

    Straight up house mix with some new and some old; proof that newer isn’t always better. 😉

  • Promo Mix: 0610

    It’s been a while since I did a mix… house, techno… you know the drill.