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DJ Mix

Plankcast #002 – April 2019

This month was heavy with Techno. We’re seeing a techno revival, from the usual Berghain-esq style, to the more melodic that is borderline trance and there’s even some with Psy-Trance elements. Blended with some Tech House, the flow has just the right mixture of rage of beauty to keep the party goin.

DJ Mix

Plankcast #001 – March 2019

I’m going to release all mixes from here out as Podcasts… or ‘PLANKcasts’. This one has some new music, some stuff that’s 10+ years old and some that was never released. See if you can tell which is which. You’ll get get a pretty progressive set this time, with mostly house, tech house and some San Francisco-style broken beat. Enjoy.