Tag: 2011

  • 2011.12 – Promo Mix: 1211

    Mostly new stuff this month and last one of the year. I really like how it turned out, so I published it in 320k, rather than 192. ‘Big room’ techno […]

  • 2011.10 – The Sound of Seattle

    This is an impromptu mix with a lot of new material and, to me, it exemplifies the diversity and amazing DJ/EDM music scene my favorite city has to offer. I […]

  • 2011.10 – Promo Mix: 1011

    From tracks that came out in the 90s to this month, this is all house, tech house and deep house. Some of my mates in San Fran and Denver will […]

  • 2011.04 – This Is Electro

    I’ve been collecting records since the 80s and frankly, I’m getting a bit perterbed with all off the recent trash/pop music and electro house being marketed as ‘electro’. So I […]

  • 2011.04 – Promo Mix: 0411

    It’s been a while since I made a house/tech house mix, so here’s one to remind you that old or new, good house music is just that: good house music.

  • 2011.03 – Promo Mix: 0311

    Y’all forgot about me, eh? Been busy with work and school, but here’s a mix to remind you that I’ll still shove some techno up yer ass if I have […]