Check The Tech (2002)

By Brandon

I found this older master CD in a box when I was moving stuff around in my apartment. I remember making this mix around the same time I made the ‘North Soul’ CD and I believe I gave it out at a few gigs, but never ripped it to digital, because it was recorded directly onto a CD burner. It’s 100% vinyl and there’s a flub or two.

I don’t have a tracklisting, but I trainspotted a few as I listened to it; most of my older wax is boxed, but I’ll try to make the TL more complete if I can. Lots of my fav tech house tunes and some you may have never heard. Enjoy some nostalgia!

01. ??
02. ??
03. George T – Interactive Night (The One That Got Away Mix) – [Tango]
04. Big Audio Spidermite – Trouble Shooter – [Drop Music]
05. Nigel Hayes – Que Pasa (Morgan Page Remix) – [Contrast]
06. The Fifth Edition – On The Road Again (2020 Freeway Mix) – [2020 Vision]
07. Long Weekend – Broken Up – [Drop Music]
08. Pure Science – I Get Deep – [B+Positive]
09. Vitamin D & Sean Biddle – Balance (Hakan Lidbo Remix) – [Terraform TEST PRESSING]
10. Further Thoughts – Casematik – [Saw Recordings]
11. Mothersole & Haris ‎– Drumtalk – [Oblong]
12. ??
13. Drum Komputer – Slickfrequency (Further Thoughts Remix) – [Itiswhatitis]
14. Floppy Sounds – Doing Shows (MB Remix) – [Wave Music]
15. Rino Cerrone – Deep Frequency – [Saw Recordings TEST PRESSING]
16. Ambusher – Super Science – [Grayhound]
17. Niko Bellotto – Conesa – [Plastic City Suburbia]
18. ILK – Remote View – [Straylight]

time: 73:37
file: mp3/320kbps/44.1kHz/stereo