BOOTLEG- Can I Get a Ride With The Flow

In 1998, I was mainly booked for Jungle/Drum & Bass shows and anyone that remembers that time, hip-hop was mixed on and over almost every damn song. So one night, I forget where I was, but I grabbed a newer Drum & Bass song and decided to do a live bootleg mix with a Jay-Z song. I found the tracks were naturally beatmatched and it became a regular part of my performances. (this pic was taken at one of those ’98 gigs)

I finally got around to mixing down the tracks properly, so I hope you enjoy. If you saw me DJ back then and remember this bootleg mix, I hope you have find memories of all those parties.

Jay-Z – “Can I Get A…” mixed over 60 Channels – “Ride With The Flow (More Rockers Feel The Flow Remix)”



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