Brandon Plank dj.producer.all around nice guy


a little about Brandon…

Ever since the beginning of House music, Brandon has been into it. Growing up in Chicago, he got an early start in the rave, club and music scene. In the beginning, Brandon collected records so that he could make mix tapes to listen to on the way to and from school and parties, but with guidance from some buddies, he quickly learned the ropes of music and this helped him find bookings at clubs and one-off events.

In 1995, Brandon moved to California and once there, his love for house & techno made him one of Northern California’s favorites in the underground community. With residencies at clubs such as The Amazon, Club 1080 and various raves he performed at, Brandon preached house & techno to all that would hear.

In 1999, he relocated to Denver, where he played at some of Colorado’s largest events for Together Productions, BASIC, Triad Dragons, Soma, Club Pure, Roofless and various other crews. Hundreds of shows, numerous cities and countries later, Brandon settled in Los Angeles, where he focuses on family and the occasional label release or DJ mix. But this is not the end of his DJing career…

Brandon’s DJ mixes have been hosted on radio sites and stations across the world, from Comfort Sessions in San Francisco, Heavy Industries’ in Los Angeles, all the way to in Germany. Brandon has also been showcased on several radio stations in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany, along with Club Basement Radio show on 105.9 FM in Denmark. Currently, Brandon is working on releases for Depth and other labels like NightLight Music, Digilog and Equaliteq, but you can catch him at one-offs and clubs across the country.

about Brandon’s music…

Known for staying in mix transitions for 2 to 3 minutes or longer, Brandon’s mixes stretch the very limit of how long two or more tracks can be played. Listeners often comment that they have a hard time telling when he starts or finishes a mix between two records/CDs and it’s these long transitions, along with blending of genres, that has given him name recognition across the map. A constant perfectionist, if you ask Brandon what he thinks of his sets, it’s usually “eh, it was OK”, but the crowd full of people dancing usually tells a different tale.

So whether you download a mix of his or check him out live, you’re certain to enjoy his musical selection.