Author: Brandon

The guy behind the curtain, making the magic happen.
  • This Is Not For You #2

    Back for the next in the TiNFU series, this mix is a bit more on the ‘house’ side of things, but really has a groove to it. I dare you […]

  • This Is Not For You #1

    If you don’t like techno, this is not for you. [zoomsounds_player source=”″ type=”detect” config=”default” thumb=”” cover=”” autoplay=”off” loop=”off” songname=”This is Not For You” artistname=”Brandon Plank” open_in_ultibox=”off” enable_likes=”on” enable_views=”on” enable_download_button=”on” play_target=”default”]

  • Promo Mix: 0815

    It’s been far too long since I’ve put out a mix, but to be frank, this has been a year of boring, shitty music. Finally, we’ve got some solid tunes […]

  • Promo Mix: 1214

    It’s been a while since I put out a mix and this one doesn’t disappoint. Techno, tech house and prog house, mixed as I usually do.

  • Capriati vs Robot – This Ghost in That Machine (Plank Mashup)

    This is a mash-up/edit of Joseph Capriati “This Then That” and Reset Robot “Ghost Machine”.  I came up with the idea when I mixed the two tracks together in a […]

  • Promo Mix: 0514

    Great flow in this one, heady tracks and some change up to keep your A.D.D.-ass listening. Enjoy!

  • Promo Mix: 0314

    I <3 House Music. 79 minutes of heady, tracky music. You like? You buy!

  • Promo Mix: 0114

    There’s been a lot of new awesome new music out lately, so I put together this melange of house & techno that’s sure to please. I really like how this […]

  • Merry Techno Xmas (12/1/2013)

    No, it’s not December yet, but this is a mix for you to use/enjoy this entire holiday season. Maybe you want some killer house & techno to drowned out Aunt […]