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DJ Mix

Sounds of Selekta Recordings (2020)

Way back in the early days of the interwebz, I was part of an online magazine: Selekta. Over the years, the magazine faded away, but my bruddy Dennis Lowry kept the name alive with a web-based record label. With over 100 years and 15+ years of good vibes, he asked me to put together a mix for their upcoming podcast and release on the label. All of these, except for my edits, are available wherever you buy awesome House music.

DJ Mix

Quarantine Tunes – Vol 7 (6/27/2020)

Last one in the Quarantine Series, I decided to make a mix on my birthday that is mainly Playa & deeper House. Things stay pretty tame, til half way through, when the tempo picks up, but everything ends on a chill note.

DJ Mix

Quarantine Tunes – Vol 6 (5/23/2020)

Week 10 and as we start to spend more time outside, the vibe gets heavier. This mix has some headier Minimal Techno, Tech House and Prog House, but flows well. I’m really lovin ‘One Thing’, which is a remix of “1 Thing” from Amerie, but I really dig all the tracks in one or another. Enjoy.

DJ Mix

Quarantine Tunes – Vol 5 (5/16/2020)

Week 9 in quarantine and restrictions in CA are easing, making life in isolation more tolerable. Don’t let your guard down and use this week’s mix to secure your safety, because we all know House Music cures everything. Anyway, this mix touches a few genres and energy levels, but mainly resides in the realm of Tech House. Included are a snappy remix of ‘El Trago’ from 2 In a Room and one of my more favorite versions of ‘Relax’ from Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

DJ Mix

Quarantine Tunes – Vol 4 (5/09/2020)

Week 8 in quarantine and it occurred to me that we’ve been locked down for 2 months, or 61 days, or 1,464 hours. That’s depressing as Hell, so to lighten up the mood, this week has more of an upbeat and fun vibe of all new music. There’s still the deep/minimal stuff, but I threw in some bangers like ‘Boss’ from My Cat Snoop, a great remix of ‘Touch Me’ from 49ers (track #23) and even a little Speed Garage (‘Stepper’ from Kreature).

DJ Mix

Quarantine Tunes – Vol 3 (5/01/2020)

Week 7 and I don’t know if it’s being quarantined, or if I’m just getting old, but I’m really starting to grow to love deep/minimal House with vocals and other pretty s**t, mixed with some Prog House. In any event, here’s close to 2 hours of some killer, new tracks with vocals and other pretty s**t in them, mixed with some Prog House.

DJ Mix

Quarantine Tunes – Vol 2 (4/24/2020)

Week 6 of the quarantine for my family and the warm, Southern California spring is making it hard to stay indoors. So this week, I give you some Minimal House, Prog House and Deep/Playa House to listen to in the short stints of outdoor time, in the sun.

DJ MixLive Performance

Dedicated To Those Rockstar Nights (2000)

One late night in 2000, probably around 4am, intoxicated and vibing-out at a loft party, I pressed record on my MiniDisc player and this was the end result. Deep and funky house that was really a staple in my record bag. Like so many others, I threw the MLK speech, aka ‘Free At Last’ from Simon, over a track and it went perfectly. Enjoy

DJ Mix

Plankcast #002 – April 2019

This month was heavy with Techno. We’re seeing a techno revival, from the usual Berghain-esq style, to the more melodic that is borderline trance and there’s even some with Psy-Trance elements. Blended with some Tech House, the flow has just the right mixture of rage of beauty to keep the party goin.