New Release- SUBDEPTH001

This release was an experiment in sound and production for me. It’s a deep rogression of sound and elements. The whole mp3 file is tracked out, should you want to burn it to CD and the individual files are chopped to those track markers. The ZIP file has a playlist file for smooth listening. This is being released ‘promo’ style for now, as there is another big release pending on Depth. Enjoy!


Artist: BP
Title: Entspannung (relaxation)
Catalogue: SUBDEPTH001
Style/Genre: Ambient, Broken Beat, IDM
Release: 01/15/2009

Click on the arrow to stream the file, right click the title to save it.

1. Anger And Chaos
2. Zion
3. III Und IV
4. Annihilation
5. Voyage
6. Colors And Sounds

The Complete Album, Mixed together

Download release in ZIP file

Cover Art/Label