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Goodbye Soundcloud

Brandon | October 20, 2014

If this commentary is being reposted, you probably have no idea who I am, have never heard of me and probably don’t care that I’m deleting my Soundcloud account, but I’ve got a story and perspective that needs to be…..

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Promo Mix: 0514

Brandon | May 8, 2014

Great flow in this one, heady tracks and some change up to keep your A.D.D.-ass listening. Enjoy! 01. Dan Noel – Purple Morning (David Gtronic Remix) – [Monday Morning] 02. Monkey Safari – Watching The Stars – [Monaberry] 03. Ferdy…..

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Promo Mix: 0314

Brandon | February 23, 2014


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Promo Mix 0114

Brandon | January 8, 2014

There’s been a lot of new awesome new music out lately, so I put together this melange of house & techno that’s sure to please. I really like how this one turned out, so I present it in 320k for…..

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Merry Techno Xmas

Brandon | November 27, 2013

  No, it’s not December yet, but this is a mix for you to use/enjoy this entire holiday season. Maybe you want some killer house & techno to drowned out Aunt Mildred and her story about cats you’ve heard a…..

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Promo Mix 0813 (Summer Tech)

Brandon | August 4, 2013

Got a wild hair up my a55 and decided to make a mix. Techno into techier house. Enjoy. 01. Blood & Tears – Demise (Niereich Remix) – [Speilstaub 008] 02. Lee Van Dowski – In Bloom – [Intacto] 03. Jesper…..

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